My name is Jimmy Sweeney and I live in Fort Worth, TX. My journey to baking mirrors my personality really well: I wanted banana bread, so I made it. I enjoyed making it, so I starting making other stuff too.

Full time, I am an Area Manager for Amazon Fulfillment in north Fort Worth. So yes, I am responsible for you getting your (fill in the blank) on time.

My wife and I got married in May 2016, and together we love traveling, working on our unique 1920s house, and getting to experience a the explosion of culture happening in Fort Worth right now.

As for me, I use my free time to avidly root on my TCU Horned Frogs in all sports, pretend to be good at golf, empower my friends to do the things they love doing, and act like I’m important on Twitter (shoutout FOH Army). If you stumble upon this page, I hope these thoughts and recipes would be useful and entertaining.